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By March 1, 2022April 6th, 2022Thrive Thoughts

Everyday we take in massive amounts of information. Words we read, sights we see, sounds we hear– the list is long. Our brain is constantly storing information that is useful and discarding information that is no longer needed.

Recent neurological studies on the brain revealed that “negative” thoughts, like jealously or bitterness, begin imprinting into your memory in mere seconds. Yet, positive thoughts, like joy or thrill, take 15 seconds of consideration before the imprinting process begins. This is why you can walk through a garden on a sunny day and leave emotionally unchanged. This is also why you can receive one mean email amidst dozens of good ones and have your whole day negatively altered.

Needless to say, we are always remembering something. The problem is that we are not always remembering what is worth being remembered.

It is better to dwell on what is good, for you become what you remember.

So the question is, if you could remember something today, what would be worth remembering?