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What is worth giving up?

By March 8, 2022April 6th, 2022Thrive Thoughts

If you were to give something up today, what would be worth giving up?

It seems as though people are natural “collectors.” Collectors of things, sure. But even more so, we are collectors of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and commitments. And this makes sense. Since humans have been around we’ve needed to hunt, gather, and collect. We’ve collected food and we’ve collected traditions that have helped us move forward as people.

But along the way, some of what we’ve learned to collect hasn’t exactly helped us.
Memories of being bullied on the playground– collected
obsessions with self-image– collected
relationships that stifle our growth– collected
jobs that are deeply unfulfilling– collected

Amidst all the collection, we often lose sight of what is helping and what is hurting.
There is a great need to learn to let things go. Within us, there is a voice gently reminding us what is that we ought to let go of in order to keep moving forward.

So the question is, if you were to give something up today, what would be worth giving up?